It is incredibly important to me to take good care of our gorgeous earth. Having materials imported from far leaves a heavy carbon footprint. This is why I choose to indulge in the beauty that surrounds us. When I’m creating a project, I grab my buckets and shears and head to the woods.

So many elements + textures can be found that portray the wild, ornate tendencies of nature, giving each arrangement a unique, distinctive quality that can’t be duplicated.


I understand how important it is that your florals stay beautiful and fresh for as long as possible.

So many gorgeous elements exist in our world, but unfortunately, not all of them do well once cut from the plant.

As a core part of my foraging process, I test every new item I bring into my studio. It is my deep intention to bring you unique, effortless florals that reflect the world around us, and this process of selection allows me to utilize these elements found in nature with confidence.