Sister Honey Floral Co is a floral design studio led by Katie Horvath.

Based in the midwest, Katie began creating when she arranged for her own wedding. She became obsessed with deep wine-hued peonies, blush roses, cascading amaranth, and hand-dyed French silk ribbons.

Captivated by the earth in all its forms, Katie arranges with nature in mind. She works to reflect the current season in her designs by sourcing local blooms, textures + foliages. She is inspired by the earth, and how it grows in its own design, naturally curving this way and that, clustering one color here and spreading another there. She deeply appreciates the intricate details of color and how it can softly change in a single bloom.

Invested in the Slow Flower movement, Katie grows an extensive cut flower garden full of gorgeous blooms that she incorporates into her work. By carefully selecting each variety, she ensures that her garden is bursting with colors that complement her weddings + events for the upcoming season.

Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Minnesota Bride, 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled and others, you can find her work in print + online here.