Owner + Creative

Hey there, darlin. I’m Katie.

I talk a lot and daydream even more. Some of my absolute fave things to do are garden, eat spicy Thai food with my honey, give my fur babies loads of treats, and play with flowers, of course! I’ll show off my mom dance moves to almost any 90s hip hop tune and am REALLY good at Monopoly. Really.

My love of floristing started when I got married. My obsession with deep wine-hued peonies, blush roses, cascading amaranthus + hand-dyed french silk ribbons led me to design my own florals and my life has literally never been the same.

My biggest inspiration is our gorgeous earth. It is lush, abundant + wild and I work to reflect these natural tendencies in each arrangement I make. I am inspired by color and how it can softly change in a single bloom and am fascinated by variations of texture that can make an arrangement come alive.